Another \"Extraordinary Luxury Residence\" by Palm Pacific Construction. Scott Cullens, Designer and General Contractor

2019 has been a year of huge transitions for Palm Pacific. We already have a full portfolio of custom luxury residences but have added luxury commercial projects and now luxury high rises.

This is in Las Vegas and it was so much fun to design a high rise and to develop it into a spacious, high-end living environment. The floors are charcoal quartz, high glossacrylic upper cabinets with wood veneer lowers. A special shaped island and ceiling to frame the unique needs of the space and provide lots of seating. We raised the kitchen on a steel platform to hide utility services in the new island in a high rise without subfloors. The baths are in Porcelonosa tile and Dorn Bracht fixtures.

Capturing the amazing views was most important from every design element. The clients were wonderful to work for and love their new home.

Photo credit: Benjamin Veronis


\"Extraordinary Luxury Residences\"

Casework by European Touch

Wallpaper by Nugent’s

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