Casa Caballeros

The mid-century architectural influence in Palm Springs can’t be ignored, but after ten years living, working and raising a family in Beijing, Hong Kong and currently Buenos Aires, I couldn’t help but bring an usual mix of influences to this very personal project; a vacation home for my family. The architecture is minimal and sculptural, but filled with bold patterns and textures that reflect our travels as well as the realities of our active family of five. Our love of the Argentine tradition of spending long days surrounded by friends is central to the design.

The oddly-shaped plot of land, located down the end of a long, private drive proved to be both a challenge and a feature.   The house is stretched along the north and east edge of the property, leaving the south and west dedicated to outdoor living “rooms” enjoying a view of the San Jacinto mountains.  A large pool wraps two sides with lush plantings and concrete forms sculpting the spaces.

Pushing the limits of digital communication, I relied heavily on the multi-talented contractor, Scott Cullens.  It was an unusual process but we happily discovered that even thousands of miles can’t interfere with a great team focused on a shared vision.

Collaborator on this project Jill Lewi.

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